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What Are The Best Yorkie Carriers? 7 Best Picks in 2024

Traveling with a Yorkie can be a delightful experience, provided you have the right carrier. Since these tiny pooches are small in size, they require carriers that ensure their safety, comfort, and security. In case you don’t know where and how to find the best Yorkie carriers, then this blog post will help you. We made a selection of the best-selling dog carriers where your tiny pooch will fit like in a pocket.

Why do Yorkies need carriers?

Thanks to their tiny appearance, and gentle natures, Yorkies can be particularly vulnerable in crowded or unfamiliar environments. Carriers provide a safe retreat where they can stay secure and protected from larger animals, busy foot traffic, and other potential hazards. This is especially crucial in busy urban areas or while traveling.

Travel Requirements

Carriers are indispensable for traveling with Yorkies, whether it’s a short trip to the vet or a longer journey by car, train, or plane. Most airlines have specific requirements for pet carriers in terms of size, ventilation, and security features. Having an appropriate carrier ensures that your Yorkie can travel with you in the cabin under the seat, adhering to airline regulations.

Health and Comfort

Yorkies are prone to chills and can become quickly fatigued due to their small stature. A carrier offers a controlled environment, helping to keep them warm and comfortable during outings, especially in cooler weather. Additionally, carriers can help prevent your Yorkie from overexertion during long walks or outings.

Convenience and Portability

Carriers designed for small breeds like Yorkies are usually lightweight and portable, making it easier for owners to carry their pets without strain. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who travel frequently with their pet or for those who face mobility challenges.

Emergency Situations

In case of an emergency, having a Yorkie in a carrier can facilitate a quicker and more organized evacuation. It also helps in controlling the pet in stressful situations, reducing the risk of the Yorkie running away or getting lost.

Training and Socialization

Using a carrier can aid in training and socializing young Yorkies by limiting their ability to run and hide in unsafe areas. It also introduces them to various environments in a secure way, helping them adapt to new sights and sounds while feeling protected.

Public Access and Compliance

Many public places, including shops and public transportation, require pets to be in carriers. This is part of community health regulations to ensure cleanliness and safety. Having your Yorkie in a carrier allows you to comply with these rules, ensuring you and your pet are welcome in more locations.

What Are The Best Picks Of Yorkie Carriers? How To Choose The Right One?

Large Capacity Yorkie Carrier Bag

If you’re planning to travel with your Yorkie by plane, then this dog carrier will be the right pick. It features mesh sides and provides your dog with enough space during trips. There is a zipper lid on the top and the strap that goes on your shoulder is adjustable and durable.You can choose between four colors and your dog will be ready for any adventure.

yorkie transporter carrier

Small Dog Carrier

This type of Yorkie carriers is perfect for strolling through the town and going shopping. It’s made of mesh and can be used on those adventures when you want to keep your dog safe from excessive fatigue and overheating in the summer. The fabric is breathable and the practical design makes it easy to carry with you.

Yorkies Gram® Luxury Transporter

This TSA-approved carrier for Yorkies is a great option when you want your dog to fly in cabin with you. Thanks to its attractive design, this Yorkie carrier purse is not only stylish but also made of durable materials. The side zippers ease the use and the mesh holes will provide your dog with the appropriate ventilation. 

 Yorkie Safety Belt

Although this is not a Yorkie carrier, we simply can’t finish our list without mentioning a quality dog safety belt. A dog safety belt is an inevitable part of every car ride and can save your furry friend from injuries.

Toni Dog Carrier

This chic carrier, showcased in a sleek black crocodile pattern, is not just about looks—it’s about comfort too. Designed specifically as a Yorkie dog carrier, it ensures your furry friend can travel in style and safety. Whether you’re heading to a cafe or catching a flight, this carrier is a game-changer for dog parents. It’s available in various patterns, so you can choose one that matches your (and your pup’s) style.

Pet Expandable Carrier

This dog carrier for Yorkies is designed with both comfort and convenience in mind. Featuring a spacious expandable design, it allows your little pal to stretch out and relax during travels. The carrier is equipped with durable zippers, a safety belt to secure your pup, and a plush insert for extra coziness. The mesh cloth design ensures optimal ventilation, keeping your Yorkie cool and comfortable.

Additional highlights include reflective tape for visibility during night walks and it’s completely foldable, making it easy to store when not in use. Whether you’re going on a road trip or flying across the country, this carrier ensures your Yorkie travels in safety and style!

Designer Diordog Bag

This fashionable Yorkie dog carrier blends chic design with functionality, perfect for the style-savvy pet owner. Featuring the iconic logo pattern, this sling-style carrier keeps your Yorkie secure and comfortable as you move around town.

The soft fabric ensures your pet’s comfort, while the sturdy design provides safety and ease of use for you. Ideal for quick trips or days out when your Yorkie needs to be right by your side.

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Choosing the right Yorkie dog carriers: Wrapping up

Choosing the right Yorkie carrier is essential for the comfort and safety of your petite pooch while complementing your own style. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of the Toni dog carrier, the practicality and expandability of the Pet Expandable Carrier, or the high-fashion appeal of the Designer Diordog Bag, there’s a carrier out there to suit every lifestyle and need. 

Investing in a quality carrier ensures that your adventures with your Yorkie are both stylish and stress-free, allowing you to create countless memories together, wherever your journeys may take you. Remember, the best carrier for your Yorkie not only meets their physical requirements but also fits seamlessly into your daily life—because you’re not just carrying your pet, you’re carrying a beloved family member.

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Bathing a Yorkie: The Ultimate Guide To The Bathing Process

Bathing a Yorkie is not just about keeping them clean. It’s about nurturing their health and ensuring their happiness. Bathing helps their coat stay smooth and clean, and also help them get rid of bad scent. 

In case you’re an inexperienced dog owner of these pups, here is what you need to know about their bathing process.

bathing a yorkie

How often do Yorkies need to be bathed?

Although there isn’t a general rule how many times per month a Yorkie should be bathed, experts recommend to do it once a month.

Ovebathing can ruin the natural protective barrier of their skin and lead to itchiness and even skin allergies. Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to observe your Yorkie’s behavior and needs. If your Yorkie loves to roll in the grass and becomes messy more than usual, then you can bathe him/her more often.

However, make sure you use a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo for Yorkies that won’t irritate their skin. 

Our favorite pick is the 2-in-1 Yorkie Shampoo and Conditioner. It contains a coconut oil and also comes with a conditioner in one pack. Thanks to this addition, this shampoo will leave your Yorkie’s coat without knots.

bathing a yorkie

The second pick that will suit a sensitive dog skin is the Yorkie Shampoo and conditioner. It features a soothing lavender oil that is known as the best ingredient to soothe itchiness.

yorkie shampoo

How To Bathe a Yorkie: Step-By-Step Guide On How To Do It

Bathing a Yorkie involves more than just water and shampoo. It requires preparation, patience, and lots of love.

Preparing Your Yorkie for a Bath

Gathering Your Supplies

Ensure you have everything you need within reach: a gentle dog shampoo, a cup for rinsing, a towel, and a hairdryer set on low heat.

Creating a Calming Environment

Yorkies can sense stress, so it’s important to create a calming environment. Speak in a soft tone and offer treats to associate bath time with positive experiences.

The Bathing Process

Wetting Your Yorkie’s Coat

Use lukewarm water to wet your Yorkie’s coat thoroughly. Avoid getting water directly into their ears or eyes.

Applying Shampoo and Massaging

Apply a small amount of shampoo and gently massage it into their coat. A good massage not only cleans but also relaxes your Yorkie.

Rinsing Thoroughly

Ensure all shampoo is rinsed out to prevent irritation. Repeat the rinsing process until the water runs clear.

After Bath Care

Drying Your Yorkie Properly

Drying your Yorkie after a bath is as important as the bath itself. Begin by gently patting their coat with a towel to remove excess water. Avoid vigorous rubbing as this can tangle their fur and potentially irritate their skin. After towel drying, use a hairdryer on a low, cool setting to dry their fur, keeping the dryer at a safe distance to avoid burns. Brush their coat gently as you dry to prevent mats and tangles.

Brushing and Detangling

Post-bath brushing is crucial for Yorkies. Their fine, silky hair can easily knot, especially when wet. Use a soft-bristled brush or a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle their hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to avoid pulling on their skin.

Maintaining Your Yorkie’s Coat Between Baths

To keep your Yorkie’s coat in pristine condition between baths, regular grooming is necessary. This not only keeps them looking their best but also helps to prevent skin issues.

Regular Brushing Techniques

Brush your Yorkie daily with a suitable brush to prevent tangles and mats. This daily routine helps distribute natural oils throughout their coat, enhancing its health and shine. In case you’re searching for the right Yorkie brushes, then you have to read our blog post: What Is The Best Brush For a Yorkie? Top 4 Picks

Since Yorkies have almost human-like hair, you have to carefully comb them. The right Yorkie brush will help you do it easy and quickly. 

yorkie brush

Managing Mats and Tangles

If you encounter mats, use a detangling spray and a mat splitter. Work through the mat gently to avoid discomfort. Regular brushing and the right after-bath care can significantly reduce the formation of mats.

Common Bathing Mistakes to Avoid

When bathing your Yorkie, there are several common mistakes to avoid:

  • Using human shampoo: Human shampoo can disrupt the pH balance of your Yorkie’s skin, leading to irritation.
  • Neglecting ear care: Water entering the ears can cause infections. Always take care to protect your Yorkie’s ears during the bath.
  • Overbathing: Bathing too frequently can strip essential oils from their coat, leading to dry, irritated skin.

Addressing Yorkie Skin Sensitivities and Allergies

Yorkies can have sensitive skin prone to allergies. If you notice signs of irritation or allergies, such as scratching, redness, or unusual shedding, consult your veterinarian. They may recommend a special medicated shampoo or dietary changes to address underlying issues.

What should I do if my Yorkie hates bath time?

  • Gradually acclimate them to water and make bath time a positive experience with lots of praise and treats.

How can I prevent water from getting into my Yorkie’s ears?

  • You can gently place cotton balls in their ears during the bath, but be sure to remove them afterward.

Bathing a Yorkie: Wrapping up

Bathing your Yorkie can be a bonding experience that ensures their health and happiness. By following this step-by-step guide and adhering to the outlined tips and practices, you can provide the best care for your furry friend. Regular grooming, proper bathing techniques, and understanding their unique needs will keep your Yorkie looking and feeling their best.

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How To Choose The Best Yorkie Shampoo? Top 3 Picks

Let’s face it: picking the right shampoo for a Yorkshire Terrier isn’t just a stroll in the dog park. These pint-sized pooches, with their flowing, silky locks, demand more than a quick dunk in the tub. It’s a canine couture affair! That’s why we decided to reveal the question: ‘’How To Choose The Best Yorkie Shampoo?’’

best yorkie shampoo

Yorkies Are Famous For Their Gorgeous Coat

Yorkies are the divas of the dog world, sporting a coat that’s more like human hair than typical dog fur. This means they need a shampoo that’s not just about getting rid of the mud they rolled in. It’s about red carpet-ready fur.

Yorkie Skin Blues: Itchy and Scratchy No More

If your Yorkie is scratching more than a DJ at a club, it’s time to rethink your shampoo choice. It can be one of the signs that you don’t use the appropria Yorkie shampoo.

So, choosing a gentle, skin-friendly shampoo for a Yorkie is not just good grooming, it’s an act of love.

What Ingredients To Search For In a Yorkie Shampoo?

Natural vs. Chemicals: A Yorkie’s Dilemma

When choosing the appropriate shampoo for your Yorkie, make sure it features natural ingredients. They are like a spa day for your Yorkie’s skin. Think oatmeal, aloe vera, and almond oil – nature’s answer to itchy, irritated skin. On the flip side, harsh chemicals are the party crashers, causing more problems than they solve.

Essential Oils: Not Just for Yoga Enthusiasts

Did you know that some essential oils are like magic potions for your Yorkie’s coat? Eucalyptus can keep fleas at bay (take that, pesky critters!), lavender can make bath time a zen experience, and chamomile is like a soothing hug for their skin. But remember, too much of a good thing can be bad, so keep it diluted!

If you want to protect your pooch from mosquitos and fleas, then you can make a solution of a few drops of eucalyptus oil with 100 ml of water.

Hypoallergenic Yorkie Shampoos: For the Sensitive Yorkie Soul

For those Yorkies with skin as sensitive as a gourmet chef’s palate, hypoallergenic shampoos are a must. These gentle warriors battle dirt without causing a skin uproar.

What Ingredients To Avoid in A Yorkie Shampoo?

  • Sulfates: The Foam Frenemies
    • Why Avoid?: These guys are great at making suds but not so great for your Yorkie’s skin. They can strip away natural oils, leaving the skin dry and the coat dull.
    • Common Culprits: Look out for names like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).
  • Parabens: The Preservative Perpetrators
    • Why Avoid?: Used to prolong shelf life, parabens can mess with your Yorkie’s skin and may have other health implications.
    • Spotting Them: They often hide behind names ending in -paraben, like methylparaben or butylparaben.
  • Artificial Fragrances: The Smelly Saboteurs
    • Why Avoid?: Sure, they make your Yorkie smell like a spring breeze, but artificial fragrances can irritate the skin and cause allergies.
    • The Trick: If the label just says “fragrance” without specifying, it’s likely artificial.
  • Artificial Colors: The Unnecessary Additives
    • Why Avoid?: These are purely cosmetic and offer no benefit to your Yorkie. Plus, they can cause skin irritation.
    • Identifying Them: Look for terms like “FD&C” or “D&C” followed by a color and a number.
  • Alcohol: The Drying Demon
    • Why Avoid?: Certain types of alcohol can dry out your Yorkie’s skin, leading to itchiness and irritation.
    • Common Forms: Not all alcohols are bad, but steer clear of types like isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.
  • Phthalates: The Hidden Hooligans
    • Why Avoid?: Often used to make fragrances last longer, phthalates can be skin irritants and have potential health risks.
    • Spotting the Sneaky: They’re often hidden, but if a product lists “fragrance,” it might contain phthalates.
  • Mineral Oil: The Greasy Guise
    • Why Avoid?: It might make the coat shiny, but mineral oil can clog pores and hinder the skin’s ability to breathe.
    • How to Identify: Look for “mineral oil” on the ingredient list.
  • Propylene Glycol: The Moisture Mislead
    • Why Avoid?: Used to retain moisture, this ingredient can be a skin irritant and cause allergic reactions.
    • Detecting It: It’s usually listed as propylene glycol.

Remember, the best way to ensure you’re getting a safe and healthy shampoo for your Yorkie is to read the labels carefully and consult with your vet if you’re unsure.

What Are The Best Yorkie Shampoos?

2-in-1 Yorkie Shampoo and Conditioner

Thanks to this hypoallergenic and no-tear formula, your Yorkie’s coat will stay smooth and shiny. This dog shampoo features only natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will cause an allergic reaction.

best yorkie shampoo

Yorkie Shampoo and conditioner

Yorkie Shampoo and Conditioner is a unique product that will ensure your Yorkies get the same treatment as those in spas. It has a formula for smoothing down hair and can be administered to puppies and adult dogs. This product will help your pet’s skin by nourishing and renewing it, resulting in a shinier coat, and a very mild formula to ensure the skin benefits rather than getting dry. Moreover, it acts as a multipurpose shampoo and shower gel that washes off dirt, smell, and sweat. This is offered as an ideal way of creating fun while pampering little Yorkies when they are in bath time.

yorkie shampoo

Yorkie Irritant Watch: Red Alert!

Every Yorkie is a unique snowflake, and what irritates one might not bother another. Keep an eye out for signs of a shampoo rebellion: redness, itching, and general unhappiness. Your Yorkie will thank you.

Puppy vs. Adult: Age Matters in Shampoos Too

Puppy shampoos are like kindergarten – gentle and nurturing. They’re perfect for your little furball’s developing skin and fur.

Always check the age recommendation on the shampoo bottle. Using adult formulas on puppies is like giving a toddler espresso – a big no-no.

Therefore, don’t be swayed by fancy terms like “natural” and “gentle.” Dive into the ingredient list to find out what’s really in that bottle.

Get to know your Yorkie’s shampoo ingredients like you know your favorite pizza toppings. Understanding what’s beneficial and what’s a no-go helps you navigate the sea of products with the confidence of a seasoned sailor.

Don’t Forget About Yorkie Brushes and Conditioners

Think of conditioners and Yorkie brushes as the sidekick to your dog’s shampoo superhero. Dog conditioners swoop in to detangle, moisturize, and add that movie star shine to your pup’s coat. Especially handy if your Yorkie’s fur has more knots than a boy scout handbook. On the other hand, brushes for Yorkies will help in removing dead hair, and promote natural oils production.

As one of the best brushes to use on a their type of coat is the Self-Cleaning Yorkie Brush. It features coated metal pins and effectively collect dead hair from your dog. 

yorkie shampoo

Apart from shampoo and conditioner, there’s a whole world of grooming gadgets for Yorkies out there. Leave-in sprays, coat lotions – these are like the styling gel and hairspray of the Yorkie world.

How often should I bathe my Yorkie?

Generally, bathing a Yorkie every 3-4 weeks hits the sweet spot. It keeps them clean without turning them into a dry, itchy mess. But remember, every Yorkie is unique, so tweak the schedule to suit your furry friend’s lifestyle and skin condition. Happy bathing!

Can you use regular shampoo on a Yorkie?

The answer is simple. No! you should never use a baby or a human shampoo on your Yorkie. Dogs have different pH of the skin, so our shampoos can cause not only allergic reaction but also ruin the protective barrier of their skin.Yorkie skin isn’t like ours; it’s more delicate, like a fine wine. Using human shampoo can mess up their pH balance, leading to skin woes. Stick to dog-specific, pH-balanced potions.

Be a sleuth and find shampoos that boast being pH-balanced for dogs. They’re formulated to keep your Yorkie’s skin happy and healthy.

Wrapping up: Choosing the Best Yorkie Shampoo

Selecting the best shampoo for your Yorkie blends science, observation, and a dash of love. It’s about keeping their coat dazzling and their skin happy. With the right choice, bath time transforms from a chore to a joyous bonding moment with your furry friend. A quality shampoo is like a good relationship – it pays off over time. Investing in the right product keeps your Yorkie’s coat lustrous and their skin happy, saving you from vet visits and heartache.

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