how to clean yorkie eyes

How To Clean Yorkie Eyes? Step By Step Guide For Dog Owners

As a proud Yorkie parent, you already know that your little furball isn’t just a pet. They’re a part of the family. And just like any family member, you want to make sure they’re healthy and happy, right? That’s why understanding how to clean Yorkie eyes is crucial. Those big, expressive eyes are part of their charm, but they also need a little TLC to stay bright, shiny, and infection-free. So, let’s check tips on how to keep their eyes healthy and shiny.

how to clean yorkie eyes

Why Is Important To Clean Yorkie’s Eyes? 

These little pups, famous for their luxurious fur, often face eye woes thanks to there rich hair. It’s not just about looking fabulous. Those long locks can irritate their eyes. Add environmental factors to the mix, and you have a recipe for tear stains, debris build-up, and infections. Keep an eye out for redness, swelling, or a Niagara Falls of tears – these are your cues to take action.

Gear Up for Eye Cleaning

Before you play amateur vet, gather your tools: a soft cloth or cotton balls, a Yorkie-friendly eye cleaner (ask your vet for recommendations), and a stash of treats to bribe – ahem, I mean, reward – your furry friend. Find a cozy spot where your Yorkie feels relaxed. It’s showtime!

How To Clean Yorkie Eyes? A Step-by-Step Guide

Eye Inspection: First, channel your inner detective and inspect those eyes. Redness or swelling? Time to call in the professionals (a.k.a. your vet).

Debris Removal: Using a moistened soft cloth or cotton ball, gently wipe away any eye boogers. Remember, this isn’t a wrestling match – gentle does it.

Tear Stain Treatment: Ah, tear stains, the bane of every Yorkie’s existence. Use a product like the Yorkie Eye Tear Stain Remover on a cotton ball to tackle these. But watch out – no product in the eye, please!

This product features only natural products so it can suit even pooches with sensitive eyes. 

Gentle Inner Eye Cleaning: Now, softly clean around the eye area. Steer clear of the eyeball – that’s a no-go zone.

Drying and Pampering: Dry the area with a soft towel and then… cuddle time! Your Yorkie was brave; they deserve some love and maybe a treat.

Post-Cleaning Care

Keep a watchful eye post-cleaning. Any weird behavior? Off to the vet you go! Regular eye checks are your secret weapon against eye issues.

Preventive Measures

To keep those eyes bright and healthy, trim the hair around them and ensure your Yorkie’s diet is as balanced as a tightrope walker. These little steps can fend off many eye problems.

Common Mistakes to Dodge

Be careful with your Yorkie’s delicate eyes. Avoid harsh chemicals and pick products specifically for canines. Think gentle thoughts while handling them.

how to clean yorkie eyes

How Often Should You Clean Yorkie Eyes?

Daily! Yes, every single day. It’s not just about aesthetics. It’s like a health check-up. Use a soft, damp cloth for daily maintenance. Notice extra goop or a grumpy Yorkie? Time to up your eye-care game or chat with your vet. 

To perform daily cleaning of your Yorkie’s eyes, you can use a simple damp cloth (clean of course), while for removing tear stains, we recommend you to apply a tear stain remover 2 or 3 times a week.

Spotting Eye Infections in Yorkies

Early detection of eye infections can make a huge difference. Watch out for red or swollen eyes, unusual discharge (especially the green or yellow kind), excessive blinking or squinting, pawing at their eyes, cloudiness, or changes in eye color. Oh, and mood swings – like suddenly turning into a tiny grump. These signs scream “Vet time!”

Preventing Tear Stains in Yorkies

Regular Eye Cleaning: A daily wipe with a soft, damp cloth can prevent buildup. Note that Yorkies have sensitive skin so you have to do it gently.

Hydration is Key: Fresh water at all times. Dehydration leads to more tears and stains.

Nutritious Diet: Quality dog food, possibly with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to balance pH levels.

Grooming: Regular hair trims around the eyes. Think of it as a mini hairstyle for better eye health.

Mind the Environment: Keep your living space allergen-free. Dust, pollen, and smoke are no-no’s.

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How To Clean Yorkie Eyes? Conclusion

Taking care of your Yorkie’s eyes is a crucial part of their overall health. Regular cleaning, being mindful of their environment, and keeping an eye out for any signs of discomfort will ensure your Yorkie’s eyes stay as bright and expressive as their personality. Remember, when in doubt, your vet’s advice is invaluable for your Yorkie’s specific needs.