Do Yorkies Have to Wear Boots and Shoes? Things To Know

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When it comes to keeping our Yorkies safe, thinking about buying shoes for them is probably on the last place. And, while it might sound silly to put shoes on your Yorkie, they actually really need them. Yorkie shoes and boots can keep them safe from walking on sharp, icy or contaminated terrains. To help you choose the best one for your pup, we decided to make a list of the most popular picks.

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Do Yorkies Have to Wear Boots and Shoes?

The short answer is: it depends. While there’s no strict mandate for Yorkies to wear footwear, certain situations and conditions might make it beneficial. For example, walking on cold and icy surfaces can harm your dog’s wellbeing and make them easily catch a cold. Since our pooches regulate their body temperature through their paw pads, keeping those tiny body parts warm in cold weather can save them from hypothermia.

Why Use Yorkie Shoes?

As we already mentioned above, shoes for Yorkies do a lot for their bodies.

Safety and protection top the list. City streets can be harsh on a Yorkie’s delicate paws, with hot pavements, salt during winter, or sharp objects posing potential hazards. Boots offer a barrier against these elements.

Just imagine how would you feel to walk barefoot on how concrete or ice. It wouldn’t be pleasant at all, are we right?

Well, besides keeping their paws safe from chemicals such as street salt, boots for Yorkies can also improve traction in seniors.

As we all know, senior Yorkies often experience mobility issues, so putting shoes on their paws can make them walk easier. Dog boots keep their joints stay straight, strong and firm in case of losing cartilage. Besides, they can help seniors walk more easily on slippery terrains.

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What to Consider When Buying Shoes or Boots for Yorkies

What will be the purpose of your Yorkie’s shoes?

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to pinpoint the primary reason for the footwear. Are you buying them to protect your Yorkie’s paws from hot or cold pavements, sharp objects, or chemicals like road salt? Or is it more about keeping their paws clean during walks? Identifying the purpose will guide your choice.

Carefully choose the material or boots for Yorkies:

The material of the shoe plays a pivotal role in its durability and comfort. Look for breathable materials like mesh for warmer climates and waterproof materials for rainy conditions. Rubber soles can offer good traction on slippery surfaces.

Size and fit are important too:

Ensuring a snug fit is crucial. Boots that are too large might come off easily, while those too tight can cause discomfort. Most manufacturers provide sizing charts, but it’s always a good idea to measure your Yorkie’s paws before purchasing.

Are your Yorkie’s boots easy to put on?

Consider how easy it is to put on and take off the shoes. Velcro closures, for instance, are user-friendly and can be adjusted for a better fit.

Consider traction for your Yorkie:

The shoe’s sole should provide adequate grip, especially if you’re walking your Yorkie on slippery surfaces or taking them hiking. Especially if the shoes will be worn frequently, they should be robust and able to withstand various terrains without wearing out quickly.

How does your dog feel to wear Yorkie shoes?

Padding inside the shoe, a soft lining, and flexibility can all contribute to a more comfortable experience for your Yorkie.

What Are The Best Picks of Yorkie Shoes?

4 Pcs/Sets Waterproof Yorkie Boots

When it comes to choosing Yorkies shoes and boots, there is one thing we always have to keep in mind. Always observe your dog’s body language while wearing something. Whether you dress your Yorkie in cozy clothes or you are putting some accessories on his/her body, make sure how your dog behaves. 

According to over 50 satisfied customers, these boots are one of the most convenient for your Yorkie. 

You can choose from gentle purple to mint green or sunny yellow and your pup will stay protected even in the coldest weather. Since they are padded with faux fur, your Yorkie will stay warm and protected from hypothermia. 

Since these Yorkie shoes feature non-slipping sole, there’s no way your dog will slip while walking on icy terrain.

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4 Pcs/sets Winter Yorkie Shoes

Imagine the tiny paws of your Yorkie-baby, protected and stylish, trotting down the street. No more chilly toes on cold mornings if you decide put these Yorkie shoes on your four-legged friend. They are padded with soft faux fur and are available in so many colors.

In case you’re not sure what size of boots your dog wears, we recommend you check the size chart in the bottom of the description.

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Waterproof Yorkie Boots

These are some of the easiest dog boots to put on your Yorkie’s paws. They’re soft but still serve as a protective layer in the harsh weather. Thanks to the waterproof outer layer, they will give essential protection against street salt, ice and snow.

They also feature an adjustable drawstring around the dog’s joint which gives your pet the additional security. You can choose between 6 colors, and what is more important- when they get dirty, you can wash it with soap and water.

If your Yorkie hates wearing boots, these will be one of the most suitable ones thanks to their softness.

Rubber Yorkshire Terrier Shoes

These stretchy bad boys are perfect for rainy days when the ground’s all wet and muddy — no more messy paw prints all over your floors! They’re also great for preventing slips on slick surfaces. While they’re awesome for short strolls, they might not be the best pick for those long hikes in rough terrains. But for city walks or rainy day outings? They will be absolutely perfect for your Yorkie!

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Picking The Best Yorkie Shoes and Boots: Wrapping Up

And while buying shoes for your Yorkie might sound like a crazy decision, believe us- they will save your pet from injuries and uncomfortable walks. Our pooches can’t tell what bothers them. So, in case you spot your dog raising one leg and then another while walking in the snow, it’s the sign it needs boots. Dog boots aren’t just for snow. They can be worn both on rainy days, muddy streets, or sharp terrains.

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